ZAPU leader removed from EU targetted sanction


Zimbabwe African Peoples Union leader, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition ZAPU has been removed from EU targeted sanctions list. This was published in the official journal of the European Journal after a review of targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe by the EU council of ministers, Tuesday 16th February 2010. Mugabe and his inner circle were slapped with travel bans and economic restrictions by the EU and the United States in 2002.

In 1961 after the National Democratic Party was banned, ZAPU became the only political party to fight for democracy, human rights and freedom for all Zimbabweans regardless of tribe, colour or language for all Zimbabweans led by Joshua Nkomo. Between 1982 and 1987, Mugabe’s 5th brigade, the Gukurahundi massacred more than 20 000 innocent ZAPU supporters in the Midlands and Matabeleland forcing ZAPU to signing the 1987 unity accord to save peoples lives.

“There are no longer grounds for keeping certain persons and entities on the list of persons, entities and bodies to which Common Position 2004/161/CFSP applies. The list set out in the Annex to Common Position 2004/161/CFSP should be amended accordingly says a statement issued by the European Council of ministers, Tuesday 16th February 2010.

“In view of the situation in Zimbabwe, in particular the lack of progress in the implementation of the Global Political Agreement signed in September 2008, the restrictive measures provided for in Common Position 2004/161/CFSP should be extended for a further period of 12 months.” Says the statement.

The EU decision to extend the targeted sanctions against Mugabe’s inner circle for a further 12 months cites lack of progress in the implementation of a dodgy political agreement, GPA signed by Mugabe and MDCs Morgan Tsvangirai in efforts to form a coalition government. Since its formation, the coalition has been bickering over appointments and official positions of power and has failed to fully implement the agreement.

In a statement citing further failures of the GNU, issued on the 10th February, Amnesty international a human rights watchdog condemned Mugabe and Tsvangirai jointly for failure to end human rights abuses more than a year in office.

In May 2009, Dumiso Dabengwa led ZAPU pull out of the 1987 unity accord with Mugabe’s ZANU signed by founding leader Joshua Nkomo. Earlier Dumiso Dabengwa popularly known as DD was elected interim chairperson of ZAPU. A mini congress of the party endorsed the pullout in Bulawayo on the 16th of May 2009.
ZAPU is now re-engaging its membership both in Zimbabwe and internationally threatening the existence of the MDC who enjoyed a popular vote in ZAPU strongholds of Matabeleland and the Midlands during ZAPU absence.

List of individuals and companies removed from sanctions list

1. Al Shanfari, Thamer Bin
2. Dabengwa, Dumiso
3. Hove, Richard - deceased
4. Jangara (a.k.a. Changara), Thomsen
5. Msika, Joseph W - deceased
6. Zvinavashe, Vitalis - deceased


1. Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe
2. Intermarket Holdings Ltd
3. Oryx Diamonds Ltd (a.k.a. Oryx Natural Resources)
4. Scotfin Ltd
5. ZB Financial Holdings Ltd (a.k.a. Finhold)
6. ZB Holdings Ltd
7. Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (a.k.a. Zisco, Ziscosteel)
8. Zimre Holdings Ltd
9. Zimre Reinsurance Company (PVT) LtdEN