Zimbabwe Peace Project director abducted

The two messages below were received by COSATU this [Wednesday] morning

Dear Patrick

I just wanted to draw your attention to the abduction of Jestina Mukoko, Director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP). Jestina was abducted by plain clothes individuals, in the early hours of this morning (5am), from her home in Norton, Zimbabwe. Her teenage child alerted human rights’ defenders from the Zimbabwe Lawyers’ for Human Rights about this at about 7.30am. The security agents were armed and driving a Mazda Familia with no number plates. This situation is extremely distressing and demands attention by authorities both within and outside of the country as well as solidarity from civil society and trade unions in the region.

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Zimbabwe Desk

Transitional Justice in Africa Programme

Institute for Justice & Reconciliation


Subject: Jestina Mukoko abducted

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 08:07:03 +0000 (GMT)


Jestina Mukoko, the Director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, a primary documentation institution was abducted today, Wednesday around 05h00 by armed plain clothed security agents believed to be the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO). The men were driving a Mazda Familia car without registration plates. Lawyers are attending to the matter, and the information as of now is that she can not be located.

The fashion of her abduction is similar to those of post March 29 2008.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions supported by the broader the civic society has called for a protest in Harare in demand of money from the banks with the target of the central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

The State controlled daily newspaper of Zimbabwe, the Herald of today carries a headline that ," Govt warns rogue soldiers" in response to the looting and violence by the soldiers that has left property destructions, close of businesses and injuries to the general public- as per the note circulated by Bella yesterday.

More notes will come on the background of today's civic action in Harare.

Please phone the Zimbabwe Embassy wherever you are.

For those in South Africa Make noise by calling +27 12 342 5125