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Healthbeat 260108

In the Balance 090108

Gugulethu Moyo’s guest on the programme In the Balance is Kenyan lawyer Donald Deya, who is executive director of the East African Law Society. Deya discusses the electoral crisis that led to large scale violence in Kenya. He analyses the causes of the violence and the alleged rigging that the incumbent government has been accused [...]

In the Balance 191207

Tererai’s guest is the Mutambara MDC’s secretary for information and publicity, Gabriel Chaibva, who says it would take nothing short of a miracle to conduct next year’s elections in March. Chaibva described Robert Mugabe’s statement last week that elections would be in March without fail as just simple “macho rhetoric.”  He said they would “drag [...]

In the Balance 051207

Tererai talks to Nora Tapiwa about the Global Diaspora Conference that is to take place in South Africa this coming weekend. Nora said the main problem for Zimbabweans in the diaspora is that many are in limbo and exist without legal documents. She explained that the main focus of the conference is to redefine the [...]

In The Balance 211107

Tererai talks to Geoff Hill, writer and correspondent for the Washington Times in South Africa, who was the last journalist to interview Ian Smith when he visited him in hospital last Friday. Smith died in Cape Town on Tuesday, aged 88. Hill said he had lost a lot of weight and looked like a shadow [...]

In The Balance 141107

The appalling treatment of students at Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo is discussed. Tererai talks to McDonald Lewanika, a coordinator with the Student Solidarity Trust, who explains how student leaders from the Zimbabwe National Students Union were dragged from exam rooms and thrown off campus without as much as a disciplinary hearing.

In the Balance 311007

Geoffrey Nyarota, former editor of The Daily News talks to Tererai Karimakwenda about his new book titled “Against the Grain”. Nyarota said there are many lessons in it, the most important being that Zimbabweans should never again allow a situation where we have an all powerful leadership that is not answerable to the people.

In the Balance 241007

Lawyer Dumisani Hwacha is representing the student leader Edison Hlatshwayo, Secretary General of the Great Zimbabwe University Students Executive Council, who has been in detention since 27 September on charges of criminal damage to property. Hlatshwayo is due to be released on bail Wednesday, after the State vigorously opposed his release on numerous occasions claiming [...]

In the Balance 171007

In recent months a growing number of lawyers have said that they were assaulted by police officers as they tried to represent their clients. The latest victim is Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Tafadzwa Mugabe. He says that he was assaulted and forcibly removed from Harare Central Police Station on Monday when he went there [...]

In the Balance 050907

The ruthless military campaign known as Gukurahundi, in which between 1982 and 1988 an estimated 20 000 civilians were killed in Matebeleland and Midlands, is revisited. This year marks ten years since a report was first published about Gukurahundi and commemorations are being held around the world to remember those tragic events. Mike Auret was [...]

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