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Election Watch 06.08.13

Sox Chikohwero, the former head of the MDC-T intelligence department, admits the party was caught napping over the rigging of the election. They failed to detect the scale of how ZANU PF were going to rig the poll using dead people’s ID cards, fake registration slips and the bussing in of people from rural areas.

Election Watch 30.07.13

Harare based journalist Itai Dzimara says the late delivery of the voters roll for Wednesday’s election was designed to deny political parties, other than ZANU PF, time to inspect and audit the roll. He says any disputes in this year’s poll will come from the state of the voters roll, which is believed to have been manipulated by the registrar-general’s office.

Election Watch 23.07.13

Ezra Sibanda, the MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Vungu in the Midlands province, says if polling officers implement what they’ve been trained to do during next weeks’ election, vote rigging should be impossible. They should be following the ZEC guidelines and adhering to the electoral body’s code of conduct.

Election Watch 16.07.13

The MDC-T has acused the military junta of hijacking the running of the election, with secretary-general Tendai Biti insisting ZEC officials in the field are refusing to comply with the electoral laws, allegedly on instruction from the junta.

Election Watch 09.07.13

Seasoned journalist Itai Dzamara has looked at both the ZANU PF and MDC-T election manifestos and says while the former ruling party still highlights the same programs and policies as in 2008, he has been impressed with the one rolled out by Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC-T has an ambitious programme on how they plan to transform Zimbabwe if elected in this month’s elections. It includes uniting Zimbabweans through reconciling communities that have been traditionally divided along party lines and are hostile to each other.

Election Watch 02.07.13

Members of the armed forces will for the first time this year cast their votes in front of presiding officers, candidates and polling agents in the upcoming elections. Previously they were forced to vote in front of their senior officers, inside their police or military barracks, using ballot papers that had their force numbers printed on them. Shepherd Yuda, the brave ex-prison officer who secretly filmed vote rigging in the June 2008 election run-off, explains how skewed the system was before these new fundamental changes.

Election Watch 18.06.13

Political commentator Sanderson Makombe says it’s clear Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF have been stung by the outcome of the SADC summit in Maputo, considering the amount of spin and disinformation spewed out by the state media since the Saturday meeting.

Election Watch 11.06.13

The MDC-T provincial chairman for Chitungwiza, Alexio Musundire, says that over 4,000 Zimplats workers in Mhondoro are only being allowed to have one day off work to register as voters. He says the situation has been made worse by the fact that the registration centre is 20km away, despite the mine having perfect facilities to house officials from the registrar-general’s office.

Election Watch 04.06.13

Dr Takavafira Zhou is the President of the Progress Teachers Union and the MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Mberengwa. He says the Constitutional Court ruling that elections must be held by 31st July is ill-conceived, and could spell doom if the poll is rushed without any reforms in place to ensure a free and fair election.

Election Watch 28.05.13

MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Mbare, Eric ‘The General’ Knight, has vowed that his first contribution as an MP, if he wins the election, will be to help transform the various state media enterprises into real public service entities, instead of the ZANU PF megaphones they are today.

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