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Wilbert on Wednesdays 31.07.13

Political commentator Wilbert Mukori says this is a good time to reflect once again on whether or not this election was free, fair and credible and the result will therefore be a true reflection of the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe?

Wilbert on Wednesdays 24.07.13

Political commentator Wilbert Mukori writes: “The 2008 GPA called for a raft of democratic reforms including media, security sector and ZEC reform and SADC, as the guarantor of the agreement, subscribed to these reforms as the bare necessities for free and fair elections. None of these reforms were implemented and there is a mountain of evidence already that the elections are NOT free and fair.”

Wilbert on Wednesdays 17.07.13

Political commentator Wilbert Mukori says: “This year’s elections are not free and fair but compared to the past elections it is the nearest the Zanu PF dictatorship has come to free and fair elections. The people have their foot in the door. Will they use this to throw the door open and let the light of democratic good governance shine after all these years of darkness under tyrannical rule?

Wilbert on Wednesdays 10.07.13

Political commentator Wilbert Mukori writes: “If we are to stop him (Mugabe) stealing this election then we the people must respond to his “life or death” determination by increasing our own commitment to winning this election. If you have to walk 25 km to vote then walk 25 km. If you can borrow $2 000 to fly from SA to vote, then do so. The long walk would be the best day’s work you have ever done and the borrowed money would be the best investment in hope you have ever made.”

Wilbert on Wednesdays 03.07.13

This week political commentator Wilbert Mukori says: “No doubt Mugabe and the Junta will once again try to steal these elections. But they will not succeed this time if Zimbabweans keep their eye on the ball and reject those who have sold them these last 33 years for pieces of calico cloth and handfuls of beads!”

Wilbert on Wednesdays 26.06.13

Commentator Wilbert Mukori says the primary objective of the 2013 elections is to vote Mugabe and Zanu PF out of office: “Should we all then just give up and let Mugabe ride rough shod over our hopes and aspiration to one day live in freedom, liberty and have our fair share of the nation’s wealth and abundance? We have come too far to give up now.”

Wilbert on Wednesdays 19.06.13

Political commentator Wilbert Mukori says: “The right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country through free, fair and democratic elections is the heart, body and soul of good government. It is the duty of every free Zimbabwean to make sure that free and fair elections are back on the national agenda so that this right, this birth right, is guaranteed and enjoyed by every Zimbabwean young and old for all times.”

Wilbert on Wednesdays 12.06.13

On Wilbert on Wednesday find out why UK-based commentator Wilbert Mukori says, as elections approach, the focus should be on Tsvangirai and not Mugabe.

Wilbert on Wednesdays 05.06.13

Find out why UK based commentator Wilbert Mukori says the GNU must not be extended and why elections must be held by July 31.

Wilbert on Wednesdays 29.05.13

UK based Zimbabwean commentator Wilbert Mukori gives us his opinion on the implications of the new constitution, which was passed recently ahead of general elections. Does this guarantee free and fair elections?

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