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Different Points of View 10.08.14

Duane Udd juxtaposes the US-Africa Leaders summit at the White House with the ending of SW Radio Africa broadcasts and bids farewell to all listeners in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Different Points of View 03.08.14

Duane Udd looks back on times of significance in Zimbabwe and concludes with a poetic prayer for her future.

Different Points of View 27.07.14

Duane looks at the delusionary thinking about Zimbabwe and sees similar patterns of thought relating to the enemies of Israel.

Different Points of View 20.07.14

Duane Udd comments on the past, present and future of SW Radio Africa.

Different Points of View 06.07.14

Duane Udd reacts strongly to the recent decision by leaders of the African Union to grant themselves impunity from prosecution while in office.

Different Points of View 29.06.14

Duane Udd talks about the persecution of opposing voices in Zimbabwe, in spite of assurances to the contrary by Mugabe or his spin doctors.

Different Points of View 22.06.14

Different Points of View 15.06.14

Duane Udd shares a personal note about life in two lands and the impact of separation on families at home or in self-imposed exile.

Different Points of View 08.06.14

Duane Udd looks primarily at violence, both in the United States and in Zimbabwe which, coupled with corruption, has had a devastating effect on many lives and on the nation as a whole.

Different Points of View 01.06.14

Duane Udd looks at flaws in the implementation of the Constitution and the disillusionment being faced by an increasing number of people in Zimbabwe.

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