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Behind the Headlines 04.02.13

We hear from Joseph Hanlon and Jeannette Manjengwa, two of the authors of a new book on Zimbabwe’s land grab, who were speaking at the London Economic Forum last week. They explained why they think the land reform exercise is a ‘success’. CFU President Charles Taffs gave his reaction and countered some of the information published in the book.

Behind the Headlines 21.01.13

McDonald Lewanika, Director of the Crisis Coalition, and NCA spokesman Madock Chivasa, discuss last week’s announcement by the principals that they had reached agreement on a draft of the new constitution. Chivasa says the NCA is against the whole constitutional process as it is not people driven and has wasted a lot of time and money. Lewanika says other reforms stipulated in the GPA, that are necessary to ensure a credible poll, have been sidelined and need to be implemented.

Behind the Headlines 14.01.13

The United Nations’ World Tourism Conference is due to take place at Victoria Falls in August. It’s now become a key factor in determining a date for elections, as there will be a global spotlight Zimbabwe in the period leading up to the Conference. Tererai speaks to political analyst Clifford Mashiri, who says he agrees with those who want elections held before the Conference. Their argument is that the global spotlight would make it difficult for ZANU PF to unleash their normal election violence.

Behind the Headlines 07.01.13

Following the death of a baby elephant transported to a zoo in China in November 2012, Tererai talks to Johnny Rodrigues from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force and commentator Wilbert Mukori. Both blast the global body responsible for monitoring the trade in endangered species, CITES, for licensing the sale of four baby elephants that were flown to Chinese zoos in November. Rodrigues said he believes someone at CITES is giving in to greed and pleaded for help to stop 14 other young elephants from being sent to China. Mukori the licensing aspect of this trade was part of the ongoing looting and greed that has taken over Zimbabwe.

Behind the Headlines 28.12.12

Political and economic analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga, and activist Zvenyika, analyse the year that was 2012 in Zimbabwean politics. Mhlanga focuses on the political plotting by ZANU PF, which threw spanners in the works over any progress towards democracy. Zvenyika exposes a devious ZPF strategy in Mash West, where youth militia were absorbed into the army, but live back at home with their families, so they can monitor opposition activities and “deal with” perceived enemies.

Behind the Headlines 24.12.12

Tererai is joined by journalist Thabo Kunene and political analyst Clifford Mashiri, to review the year that was 2012 and the devious plots that lurked behind some key headlines, including the Nolbert Kunonga saga, the Glen View murder trial, the PM’s love life and those all consuming “sanctions” that ZANU PF cried about all year long!!!

Behind the Headlines 17.12.12

Bulawayo East MP Tabitha Khumalo, talks to Tererai about statistics released by the Victim Friendly Unit of the Zim police last week, showing that more than 2,400 cases of child rape had been reported between January and October this year. A total of 3,421 cases of child abuse were reported in that same period. It’s believed many more cases are unreported, due to fear and shame. Khumalo said a clear message must be sent to victims that the only way to heal is to talk about the experience with others and not be ashamed.

Behind the Headlines 10.12.12

Alex Bell stands in for Tererai and looks ahead to the changing chairmanship role of the diamond watchdog, the Kimberley Process. Tiseke Kasambala, the Africa Advocacy Director of Human Rights Watch, says South Africa’s role of KP Chair in 2013 will be ‘challenging’ because of the KP’s loss of credibility over Zimbabwe. Alan Martin from Partnership Africa Canada agrees, but says it will make no impact in Zimbabwe, because “the KP has shown there is no political will to do anything there.”

Behind the Headlines 03.12.12

Mugabe threatened British American Tobacco with unspecified action last week, because of what he claimed was their ‘sabotage’ of trucks belonging to other tobacco companies, in order to maintain dominance. Police told the state run Herald investigations were underway and at an advanced stage, despite the fact that BAT have categorically denied the allegations. Tererai talks to Charles Taffs, president of the Commercial Farmers Union, and political analyst Professor John Makumbe, about the effect of these threats on investors.

Behind the Headlines 26.11.12

Anglican clergy and parishioners who went back to worship in church buildings that had been seized by the former Bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, have said most parishes were peaceful but they faced resistance in some areas. Kunonga’s son, Rutendo, is alleged to have poisoned a mango orchard at St Paul’s Church in Chinhoyi, in an act of revenge against clergy and worshippers in the main Anglican church. Tererai talks to Precious Shumba, spokesperson for Harare Diocese, about the progress they have made since last week’s Supreme Court ruling, which ordered Kunonga to return all seized properties.

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