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Zim Alive 070108

Simon “Dreadman” Mudekwa, President of the Zimbabwe Revolutionary Youth Movement in South Africa. Simon describes the problems Zimbabwean youths are experiencing across the Limpopo and how his group is trying create projects to keep them productive. He said the Mugabe regime created the poverty that has put these youths in a vulnerable position and they [...]

Zim Alive 241207

Zim Alive 171207

The dynamic “Rock Da Vote” campaign that is utilising dance and music to educate youth in Zimbabwe about electoral issues is the subject this week on Zim Alive with Henry Makiwa. This musical and educational campaign is organised by The Alternative Civic and Voter Education Campaign, and it aims to communicate effectively to the youth [...]

Zim Alive 101207

Tererai talks to Zimbabwean poet Bart Wolffe who is now based in London. A prolific writer, Bart describes how he misses the sunshine, trees, stones and smells of Zimbabwe. Looking out onto rainy and cold weather, Bart said he now understands why more people are prone to depression in this climate. He also observes that [...]

Zim Alive 031207

ZimAlive 261107

Tererai chats to writer and director Tinashe Jonas, whose theatrical production “The Devilish”, is being performed at the Hillbrow Theatre in Johannesburg. Jonas is an asylum seeker in South Africa and his previous work was banned in Zimbabwe. He says “The Devilish” was inspired by the gross human rights abuses back home and it portrays [...]

Zim Alive 191107

Zim Alive 121107

Tererai visits creative Zimbabweans in the U.K. who are using theatre to express their thoughts and emotions in order to deal with the issues affecting Zimbabweans from all sorts of backgrounds. The guest is Patrick Mckenna from Writing Wrongs, a UK-based Zimbabwean writers’ group that will present the first reading of their new work-in-progress titled [...]

Zim Alive 051107

Tererai talks to Bulawayo based activist Zenzele about the documentary he is launching this week that traces events which led up to the Matabeleland massacres that came to be known as Gukurahundi. Titled “A moment of madness” the documentary incorporates a soundtrack with music by local artists and speeches from the period by Robert Mugabe [...]

Zim Alive 291007

One of Zimbabwe’s leading writers, Shimmer Chinodya, joins Tererai on Zim Alive this week to discuss his latest novel, Strife, which won him the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa, the Continent’s top literature prize.

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