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Hidden Story 06.08.14

President Mugabe’s son, Robert Junior, is reportedly being earmarked for a political career, following weekend reports that some ZANU PF youth members are lobbying for his nomination to an influential position in the Youth League. This development comes after First Lady Grace was endorsed to lead the Women’s League two weeks ago, under the guise of ending factionalism in the party. Political commentator Mutsa Murenje says the elevation of Mugabe’s wife and son into party structures will raise tensions in the party.

Hidden Story 30.07.14

Itai Dzamara, editor of the online newspaper The News Leader, says President Robert Mugabe must have resolved to die in office, otherwise why is he so reluctant to appoint a successor? It is this succession issue that is causing serious disharmony in the party he has led for close to 40 years.

Hidden Story 23.07.14

In Hidden Story we bring you part two of the interview with Mxolisi Ncube, the South African based Zimbabwean journalist accused by the authorities of being Baba Jukwa. Speaking to Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda, Ncube talks about why he decided to visit the Zimbabwe consulate in South Africa to protest his innocence.

Hidden Story 16.07.14

Ezra Sibanda interviews Mxolisi Ncube, the South Africa based Zimbabwean journalist accused of being the Facebook character Baba Jukwa. But Ncube says the real Baba Jukwa told him via Facebook that he will only reveal his identity to the world when the time is ripe and safe to do so.

Hidden Story 09.07.14

Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa says Chitungwiza, with a population of 1.5 million residents, is facing a serious health hazard as the strike by council workers has left the town exposed to poor sanitation and waste management. This creates a time bomb that can explode at anytime.

Hidden Story 02.07.14

Precious Shumba, director of the Harare Residents Trust, says they’re not surprised that top execs at Harare City Council are still earning mega salaries, four months after government set a $6,000 monthly cap on wages. He says government should have followed up on its verbal pronouncements by issuing written instructions, as council officials do not comply to verbal orders.

Hidden Story 25.06.14

Political analyst Munjonzi Mutandiri says while opposition parties in Zimbabwe are united in their goal to remove ZANU PF from power, political differences, the influence of foreign backers and visions for the future continue to divide the groups.

Hidden Story 18.06.14

Senior MDC-T politician and businessman Charlton Hwende says it has now become clear the government lacks workable ideas to resuscitate the economy, with all the ideas put forward proving to be incapable of fixing it. Hwende insists the situation is the result of corruption, fiscal indiscipline and economic mismanagement, all overseen by President Robert Mugabe.

Hidden Story 11.06.14

Giles Mutsekwa, the MDC-T secretary for defence, security and intelligence, says Air Marshall Perence Shiri’s statement that the military do not interfere in the politics of ZANU PF is a joke and a blatant lie.

Hidden Story 04.06.14

Economic analyst Luke Zunga says the ruling ZANU PF government is so desperate for cash from the European Union that it appears it is willing to bend over backwards and modify its controversial indigenisation policy.

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