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Africa News Focus 30.05.10

Africa News Focus 30.05.10

Africa on Zimbabwe 040108

Africa on Zimbabwe 301107

Africa on Zimbabwe 211207

Africa on Zimbabwe 141207

Malawian journalist Dingaan Mithi joins uis to chat about how his contrymen and women are caught up in the festive period, and by and large how his country is enjoying peace, prosperity and economic growth. He compares and contrasts life between Malawi and Zimbabwe today.

Africa on Zimbabwe 071207

Africa on Zimbabwe 301107

Cameroonian journalist Gordon Hurd runs a UK publication focussing on issues affecting immigrant Africans in the UK. He is back on the program to chat about what we can expect in his latest edition of The Haven, and also casts a critical eye at the Zimbabwean situation.

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Africa on Zimbabwe 161107

John talks to Prince, a journalist from West Africa, about some of Africa’s political problems. He argues that some countries in the West have created today’s monster dictators and we need their help to get rid of them.

Africa on Zimbabwe 091107

DRC born Verron Munda, who publishes his own Francophone magazine Planet Afrique, shares his political views with John.

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