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Zimbabwean ex policeman Adonis Musati’s recent death from starvation while awaiting processing of his immigration paperwork in Cape Town may not have been in vain. Some concerned indigenous Cape Town residents have set up an association in his name to aid new refugees in the Western Cape while their applications are being processed. Stefan Lucas [...]

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Joe joins John from his new home in Dublin, Ireland. He looks at the forthcoming elections and argues that the Opposition MDC is far from ready for them, not least because the playing field is not even.

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UK based young academic Anthony shares his political vision with John, casting an especially critical eye at developments in the MDC.

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Young Phil is an entrepreneur who works in the tourism industry in South Africa, and in his view he is not hopeful for a speedy economic turnaround for Zimbabwe, regardless of which party wins next years elections.

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Bryan Mutambiranwa who heads an investment company called DuraCapital chats to John about flying the flag for Zimbabwe and the region, and a forth-coming ball at The Savoy Hotel in London, to celebrate the “Brand Africa”.

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Beki is an economist who speaks to us regularly, and today he focuses on the socio political problems afflicting Zimbabwe. He does not hold much hope for early change in the lead-up to the elections, and beyond.

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