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Tichaona speaks to Hebson Makuvise, the MDC chief representative in London who maintains that their party leader Morgan Tsvangirai won outright against Robert Mugabe. The MDC are now accusing Mugabe of trying to manipulate the results, with outside support from people like Thabo Mbeki the President of South Africa.

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Lance speaks to Tsvangirai about his party’s campaign; what does the MDC have to offer the people of Zimbabwe? He also responds to threats from the military and urges voters to ignore them and vote in huge numbers for the candidate of their choice. We approached Simba Makoni for an interview but he informed us [...]

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Tichaona speaks to Michael Musarurwa, not his real name, on how government was planning to rig the elections by printing excessive ballots papers, many of them in duplicate to make it impossible for those contesting against Robert Mugabe to detect the cheating.

Sarudzo-Ukhetho 2008 180308 13740 Tichaona speaks to retired police assistant commissioner Jonathan Chawora and retired army colonel Bernard Matongo on the implications of the coup threats made by Zimbabwe’s service chiefs in the event that Mugabe loses the elections.

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In the election campaign trail programme, Tichaona looks at the implications of threats made by General Constantine Chiwenga, the commander of the Defences Forces and Paradzai Zimondi, the Prisons commissioner that they will stage a coup should Mugabe lose. Find out more in the programme, and if you have any comments or questions about the [...]

Sarudzo-Ukhetho-Elections 2008 040308 Tichaona looks at how voter apathy in the forthcoming poll may turn out to be the opposition’s biggest threat. In the last election in 2002 five point six million people were registered to vote, but only half of them turned out to cast their votes. Find out more in the programme, and if you [...]

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