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Road to Democracy 310708

Lance Guma speaks to the former chairperson of the Combined Harare Resident’s Association, Mike Davies, about his time in CHRA and his thoughts on the exclusion of civil society from the South African talks.

Road To Democracy 240708

Tererai talks to the new Mayor of Harare, Muchadeyi Masunda, who was elected even though he does not belong to any political party. Masunda explains that Constitutional Amendments that were agreed to last year, during talks brokered by South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki, allow Councillors to elect a mayor from civil society. He said his [...]

Road to Democracy 170708

Road To Democracy 100708

Tererai talks to Austin Ivory from the London Citizens group, that has organised a prayer service and a demonstration, to lobby the British government to allow Zimbabweans in the UK to work. The Archbishop of York John Sentamu will conduct the prayer service before a rally is held at Parliament Square, urging the government to [...]

Road To Democracy 030708

Tererai talks to Alois Mbawara from the FreeZim Youth pressure group in London, about the resolutios on Zimbabwe that was made by the African leaders who met in Egypt this week at the A.U. Summit. Mbawara welcomed their criticism of the situation in Zimbabwe but said that violence had to stop before any negotiations can [...]

Road to Democracy 190608

Tererai talks to Luke Zunga, who is in charge of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Chamber, which was set up by the Global Zimbabwe Diaspora Forum, to train Zimbabweans outside the country how to run their own businesses when they return home. Zunga said the training is free and the Chamber has a bank that will [...]

Road to Democracy 120608

Tererai explores the government’s oppressive campaign against NGOs and activists with lawyer Gift Mpisi, who describes the harrowing experience he went through when he tried to visit the WOZA activists detained at Chikurubi Prison on Wednesday. Shepherd Ndlovu talks about the refusal by prison officials to release the activists, even though the state appeal against [...]

Road to Democracy 050608

The organising secretary of the Tsvangirai MDC-UK branch, Jaison Matewu, talks to Tererai about their demonstration and fundraiser taking place on Saturday in Oxford. He says the funds are to assist the families of slain activists and displaced members, as well as to help in the presidential runoff campaign. Then from Zimbabwe Pastor Promise Manceda [...]

Road To Democracy 290508

Tererai talks to an MDC official in Marondera who was there when the district chairperson was abducted by known state agents. Remaining anonymous for his safety, he said the police told him they have a directive from Headquarters ordering them not to arrest the state agents. Hear what life is like in Marondera where the [...]

Road to Democracy 220508

With T. Karimakwenda

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