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Democracy 101 070509

This is the programme that gives a beginners guide to democracy. In the final programme of this series, Willy, Dominic and Tichaona reflect on past programmes and review the democratic process in Zimbabwe. They discuss the issue that is paramount to the birth of true democracy, namely the drafting of a new vibrant constitution, and [...]

Democracy 101 150409

Willy, Dominic and Lameck discuss the recent ‘battle of the information Ministries.’ Critics say the MDC signed up to a ‘flawed arrangement’ with the unity government, and they shouldn’t have signed before the allocation of Ministries had been finalised and while other issues such as governorships remained unclear. Issues such as repealing POSA and AIPPA [...]

Democracy 101 010409

Dominic, Lameck and Mhlancy are on the programme focusing on the issue of Zimbabwe’s ‘finances,’ and whether funding should only be made available to a truly democratic state. SADC is pushing for funds to be made available but donors are reluctant to sink in money as long as Mugabe remains in the picture.

Democracy 101 180309

Willy and Dominic are joined by Freeman as they delve into current efforts to build a democratic dispensation, and some of the practical requirements. They discuss efforts being made by the inclusive government to source funding to resuscitate institutions on the ground. Most international sources of funding have expressed their reluctance to commit funds to [...]

Democracy 101 110309

Willy, Dominic and Lameck send their condolences to the Prime Minister, his family and the nation over the loss of Amai Tsvangirai. They comment on the very emotional responses that have been forthcoming since the accident, especially the many who are questioning whether or not it was an accident. Are some people viewing this as [...]

Democracy 101 040309

Willy, Dominic and Poison discuss Mugabe’s recent controversial statement that said the SADC tribunal’s ruling in favour of 78 white farmers was ‘absolute nonsense.’ This is the same grouping that gave Mugabe a valuable lifeline by rubber-stamping the unity government deal, and making sure the opposition went along with it. But now the ink has [...]

Democracy 101 250209

Willy and Dominic are joined by Poison as they discuss Mugabe’s 85th birthday celebration, where he was lauded with praises and likened to a ‘mighty crocodile.’ How can he celebrate so lavishly year after year within a backdrop of such suffering and deprivation, and what will he remembered for in the future? Will he forever [...]

Democracy 101 180209

Willy and Dominic are joined by Lameck as they focus on the early days of the new unity government. Already there are questions being raised; they question how Deputy Minister Roy Bennett was arrested, during the swearing in of the cabinet, and the other political detainees are yet to be released. Acts like this authenticate [...]

Democracy 101 110209

Willy and Dominic are joined by Lameck as they ask if the unity government will be ‘old wine in new bottles?’ They compare the way the state dealt with the treason charges against new Finance Minister Tendai Biti, and how similar charges were handled against the late Ndabaningi Sithole, and they look at whether in [...]

Democracy 101 280109

Willy and Dominic are again joined by Tichaona as they debate the recent SADC summit on Zimbabwe which they say was just a ‘high-sounding nothing.’ They describe SADC as a ‘collection of dictators’ with nothing but their own interests at heart and certainly no concern for the people of Zimbabwe, with one glaring example being [...]

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