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Heart of the Matter 04.08.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande continues to look at events in ZANU PF’s succession politics, following reports that Mugabe’s son, whom Tano refers to as a “little punk called Robert Junior”, is eyeing a political position in his home constituency and follows his mother Grace into the political arena. Tano says it has become clear this is all part of a big plan to seal Mugabe’s legacy and secure their business interests.

Heart of the Matter 14.07.14

Tanonoka dismisses Mugabe and his “underperforming” Minister of Health David Parirenyatwa, who unashamedly took credit for the incredible work done recently by the medical team at Harare Central Hospital in separating conjoined twins. Tano says it was “disgusting” to see Mugabe, an “authentically-certified Singapori patient”, camping at the Hospital where the operation was performed”. He blasts the ageing dictator for having “the gall” to heap praises on the staff in an attempt to gain political mileage, despite having destroyed the country’s health and education sectors.

Heart of the Matter 30.06.14

Tano tackles the court battles within the MDC-T, blasting Zimbabwean leaders for failing to unite towards the common goal of fixing the country while indulging in nothing more than self-interest. He says there is no need to have all these different political parties that have the same ideology as ZANU PF, which is greed without a national agenda. If the MDC-T and MDC-N and MDC-M and MDC-99 and the Renewal MDC were all just one big opposition, they would have a better chance of defeating ZANU PF.

Heart of the Matter 23.06.14

An angry Tanonoka blasts Information Minister Jonathan Moyo as a serious threat to the media and journalists in Zimbabwe. This follows reports that former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi had been arrested and accused of being both Baba Jukwa and Amai Jukwa. Tano said Kudzayi was appointed by Moyo, who also crafted the oppressive media laws that are used to prosecute journalists, and has been using the state media to attack his enemies. He describes Moyo as a “politically underfed narcissist” and says the whole saga has diverted attention from the real issues that Zimbabwe needs to deal with.

Heart of the Matter 09.06.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says that Information Minister Jonathan Moyo deserves no sympathy from Zimbabweans in the wake of Robert Mugabe’s verbal assault on him, saying: “He prostituted himself on both sides of the political divide and got nowhere.” Whande said Moyo “abused the citizens and instigated the adoption of repressive laws that the nation continues to suffer under. He messed up the media and narrowed the area of operation for journalists.”

Heart of the Matter 02.06.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande takes the European Union to task over their recent decision to “re-engage” with the Mugabe regime, despite the continuation of human rights abuses that caused them to impose targeted sanctions on ZANU PF cronies in the first place. Tano says the millions of dollars being offered in their so-called rescue package to Zimbabwe will only serve to strengthen brutal oppressors and not help the needy.

Heart of the Matter 19.05.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says attempts by Africa’s Justice Ministers and Attorney Generals to seek immunity for government leaders, are deplorable because the same leaders “have become more of security risks to their own people than terrorists.” He says Africa’s leaders are “collectively responsible for the deterioration of our continent and the deaths of more of our compatriots than those we lost during colonial times.” He adds: “African presidents should neither ask nor be granted a blank cheque to continue with the abuse, murder and freedom to abuse public funds. Africa first suffered under colonial rule. Why, God, why do Africans have to suffer worse under their own?”

Heart of the Matter 05.05.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande examines South Africa’s role in allowing the Robert Mugabe regime to stay in power, and says the relationship between the ANC and ZANU PF parties is a serious concern for democracy in Africa. He says that “no country in Africa is as dangerous to democracy as South Africa, a country which, like Zimbabwe did at its independence, lives off the fumes of economic success of former minority rulers.” He says that South Africa could be using its status to “direct other countries in the proper direction,” but instead its “mollycoddling of dictators is a matter of public record.”

Heart of the Matter 28.04.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says that Zimbabwe is caught in a catch-22 situation, calling the disintegration of the MDC “an insult to the nation.” He says the party has let people down, after promising to be better than ZANU PF. He adds: “Why should we always be called upon to fight over politicians who do not put the nation first?”

Heart of the Matter 21.04.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande asks why Zimbabweans and its political leaders do not learn from the past, and says there is little to celebrate on the country’s 34 Independence Day. He says: “How can we celebrate 34 years of so-called independence when companies are closing in record numbers; when our people are starving; when we neglect fellow citizens befallen by disasters; when the government and its senior employees steal from parastatals; when we cannot access the little money we put in banks owned by ministers; when more than 80% of the nation is unemployed; when people resort to selling tomatoes by the roadside to raise school fees for their children, but the government wants to take their little money?”

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