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Callback 09.08.14

Ali Baba says Zifa went to meet the parliamentary portfolio committee on football but didn’t say that government has failed football by its political interference.
Gift says the closure of the most trusted independent radio station in Zim, SW Radio Africa, is a sad thing to happen to news starved Zimbabweans. He believes ZANU PF is celebrating because the station exposed their corruption and maladministration through fair and balanced reporting.

Callback 07.08.14

Loro says he’s unemployed and looking for work. He condemns Chinese companies for Zim’s economic meltdown saying they took over viable businesses and have been looting our resources, giving the country nothing.Tshuks says there is nothing to celebrate in the forthcoming holidays. It’s insulting for people to be told to mark this holiday as a heroes day when Zims find themselves more persecuted, more oppressed and more discriminated by the same people who call themselves liberators.

Callback 06.08.14

Maphepha says there is a serious cash flow crisis in Zim and the situation needs urgent intervention. He says the rate businesses and industries are closing down is alarming.
Senzeni says she is a cross-border trader, buying goods from neighbouring states to sell in Zim, but people don’t have money to buy. She says it has hit her so hard she doesn’t know what to do next.

Callback 05.08.14

Farence says he drives a mini bus between Gwanda and Beitbridge and is fed up with police road blocks which are the cause of road accidents. He pays bribes to the police to pass without delay so they don’t waste his time.
Wellington says there is no cash in Zim and his company has had to make three quarters of the staff redundant. He says he has no choice but to close his construction company down.

Callback 04.08.14

Moyo says he is shocked that the trusted news and information from SW Radio Africa is coming to an end. He believes the ZANU PF regime will celebrate when the broadcasts end because the majority of Zims listen to the station, to get truthful news, which the government doesn’t want people to know.

Rutendo says she can’t comprehend how life will be without her favourite radio station, SW Radio Africa, which gives Zimbabweans a voice and also provides balanced news, information and entertainment. She says it’s a blow to ordinary people.

Callback 02.08.14

Viola says she is shocked at the number of churches springing up and the flamboyant lifestyles of the new, so-called prophets. She believes they are manipulating poor and vulnerable people into parting with the little money they have.

Abigail says poverty has seen more and more young children being forced into sexual relationships with older people. They are desperate and go along with it for money to support themselves and their families.

Callback 31.07.14

Wonder says following his and other workers retrenchment from a Bulawayo company they teamed up, purchased machinery, and opened their own company. But government has refused to help them under the empowerment policy and they are struggling.

Nyathi says it’s exactly one year since ZANU PF stole the election and nothing promised by the party has materialised. People have seen more suffering, more unemployment, more discrimination and more business closures.

Callback 30.07.14

Danisa says he’s in pain as he continues witnessing the erosion of Bulawayo industries and the marginalisation of Matabeleland. He blames people like Phillip Chiyangwa, who used his ZANU PF power to grab viable companies like ZECO, the biggest engineering company in Bulawayo, and ran it into the ground.
Johnson says the presidential amnesty which saw thousands of dangerous prisoners pardoned by Mugabe has increased violent crimes. He condemns releasing so many criminals without a plan on how to integrate them in a country with zero employment.

Callback 28.07.14

Tichaona says when he lost his job after the company closed down, he had no choice but to get into crime to support his wife and children. He mugs, robs and steals from anyone on daily basis to get money to buy food.Sunday says he left his wife and 3 children in Mwenezi, Masvingo to go to Bulawayo to look for a job, but he can’t find one. He says he won’t blame his wife if she sleeps around with other men to get money to support their children, because he has failed to provide.

Callback 29.07.14

Kudakwashe says he doesn’t know what to do after passing his O levels. He has no money to go to college and he believes there is no future for youths in Zimbabwe.
Mandla says it’s high time the head of state realised that people are suffering and do something to save the country. He says selfishness on the government side continues to sink the economy.

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