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Beyond Protest 25.01.13

Following comments by Education Minister David Coltart that the education sector was showing sign of recovery, Tererai talks to Takavafira Zhou, president of the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, for his thoughts on the subject. Zhou agrees with Coltart that the signing of the GPA has helped improve schools, especially in providing textbooks to students who were learning without any. However, Zhou says war vets, political leaders and ZANU PF officials have abused the scheme and select their own kids instead of poor students.

Beyond Protest 18.01.13

Fannuel Mabhugu from the Progressive Teachers Union talks about an education project launched this week, aimed at restoring the respect teachers used to have in communities. Mabhugu said teachers are seen as poor and powerless victims of political violence. Government still refuses to pay them enough and allows them to be victimized. The project aims to sensitise communities to issues affecting the profession, in order to bring peace and understanding.

Beyond Protest 11.01.13

Statistics show that one in every three women will suffer some form of violence in their lifetime. That means one billion women around the planet. Tererai talks to Rumbidzai Dube about a global campaign to end this violence. Rumbi is a legal advisor for the women’s online portal HER ZIMBABWE, who have partnered with the global One Billion Rising campaign. The idea is to use Valentines’ Day to help end violence against women.

Beyond Protest 04.01.13

Youth activists Sydney Chisi and Vincent Tafirenyika discuss the crucial role that Zim youth will play in the next election. Chisi warned that many are getting involved in political activities because they are being offered “a quick buck”, but they are not part of the national debate on real issues which affect their daily lives. Tafirenyika said an election is an event that comes and goes, so we should look beyond the election and ask whether we will be empowered enough to hold leaders accountable for what they promised.

Beyond Protest 31.12.12

Tererai hosts a Beyond Protest New Year’s Eve special and to inspire and motivate all those who have toiled in Zimbabwe’s political trenches for the last twelve months, Tererai presents a variety of protest songs that have moved activists worldwide for decades. The list includes Gill Scott-Heron’s famous “The Revolution will not be televised”, Bob Marley’s reggae hit “Get Up Stand Up” and Bob Dylan’s classic “The times they are changing”.

Beyond Protest 28.12.12

This special holiday edition of Beyond Protest Review is a buffet of Tererai’s favourite interviews and spoken word performances from 2012. includes the energetic actress and gender activist Rutendo Tapiwa, who encourages young girls to respect themselves and reject abusive relationships; Liberty Bhebhe from the National Youth Development Trust talks about their peace building and leadership programmes, which use strategies like “Guerilla Theatre”, where actors start a dialogue in public, crowds gather and suddenly there is a message being delivered. There is also a sample of music encouraging youths to vote. Dive in!!!

Beyond Protest 21.12.12

Music producer and youth activist Kuda Musasiwa, who returned to Zim two years ago, gives us an update on how young people are surviving with the unemployment rate at more than 90%. Kuda said people are being creative, with some selling mobile phone top-up cards on the streets and others using their computer skills to do animation and music video production. He says there is a boom in the use of social media platforms, helping to spread information between young people from different parts of the country. Kuda’s song, “Ndadzoka” ends the programme.

Beyond Protest 14.12.12

On Monday police in Gweru banned performances of the play The Coup, saying it was “political”. But Lesley Zibonele Moyo from Rooftop Promotions tells Tererai the officers had not even seen the script or a video recording of the play. Moyo says police in Bindura also banned their performances. It is the duty of the Censorship Board to license their work and police are abusing their powers to block public discussions which take place after each performance. Tererai also speaks to feisty Harare businesswoman Nanette Bekker-Smith, who wrote to the City Council several times about the potholes on Spurn Road in Ardbennie, which are damaging her company’s trucks. The Council did nothing, so Nanette is now organising other businesses to withhold their rates and use the money to fix the road themselves.

Beyond Protest 07.12.12

The Zim rockers Mann Friday have released their fifth studio album, titled “Trainrides and Radio Play, which launches globally this weekend on iTunes. Band leader Rob Burrell says as a Christmas treat for their fans back in Zim the entire album will be downloadable for free, from, if you are browsing from a Zimbabwean IP Address. So if you are in Zim, Rob says Merry Xmas. For others around the world who can’t hear the songs for free, Tererai plays “Sunrise everyday.”

Beyond Protest 30.11.12

The guest this week is Outspoken, the poet and projects manager at the Magamba Network, talking about the social media and activists indaba they have organised at the Gallery Delta Amphitheater on Saturday, December 1st. Outspoken says Magamba wanted to create a space where bloggers, journalists, artists and activists can discuss the fast changing world of social media and how it can best be used. Speakers include Nigel Mugamu (263 Chat), Takura Zhangazha (Voluntary Media Council Zimbabwe), Nqobizitha ‘NKO’ Mlilo (Nafuna TV) and Comrade Fatso (Zambezi News).

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