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Newsreel 31.10.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 31st October September 2012

News Headlines 31.10.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 31st October 2012

Hidden Story 31.10.12

South African based social and political commentator Mutsa Murenje talks about the recent pronouncements by senior ZANU PF officials that the army will block Tsvangirai from taking over the reins should he win elections. This is a clear signal the party will not allow a smooth tranfer of power.

Callback 31.10.12

Takunda says the 2nd Allstakeholders conference proved that the constitutional process was a waste of resources and time. It was also insulting to the people of Zimbabwe who contributed to the drafting of the new constitution as Mugabe stated that the 3 principals will have the final say on the document; Masango says the continuous detention, without trial, of 31 MDC supporters accused of murdering a police officer in Harare, shows that the state can’t prove its case. Those in jail are just being targeted for supporting an opposition party; while ZANU PF activist Ngwena says they will always intimidate people & commit acts of violence, to make sure ZPF remain in power forever.

Newsreel 30.10.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tuesday 30th October 2012

News Headlines 30.10.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 30th October 2012

Callback 30.10.12

Mkoma Peter says Prime Minister Tsvangirai is plotting his own downfall by continuing to recognise Mutambara as a principal in the GNU, against SADC’s resolution. He is blindly following Mugabe’s demand of having Mutambara and ignoring Welshman Ncube; while Mgidiza says Tsvangirai is playing into the hands of ZANU PF and falling into Mugabe’s trap by ignoring SADC & the High Court resolution that recognised Welshman Ncube as the leader of the smaller MDC. It will be very difficult for him to be supported by SADC when ever they are new problems in the GNU.

Different Points of View 30.10.12

Duane looks at past and present storms, both natural and political, relating to the United States and to Zimbabwe.

Newsreel 29.10.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 29th October 2012

News Headlines 29.10.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 29th October 2012

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