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News Headlines 01.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 1st November 2012

Newsreel 01.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Thursday 1st November 2012

Callback 01.11.12

Soko says the ZANU PF MP for Mutuko, Olivia Muchena, plus war vets, are forcing villagers to pay $40 each to travel against their will to Mozambique to see the graves of freedom fighters who died during the liberation. This is so that they will understand history and never ”sellout” the country by voting in the MDC, a “puppet” of the west which killed those freedom fighters; while Panashe says people of Mash Central are now determined to fight and defend themselves from any violent attacks from ZPF thugs, even if it means dying, as they are fed up with everything.

Crisis Analysis 01.11.12

Tererai talks to former diplomat and political analyst Clifford Mashiri about a decision this week by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to ease economic restrictions placed on Zimbabwe a decade ago. The IMF said they are easing the restrictions so that its staff can advise Zimbabwe on economic reforms and monitor their implementation. But Mashiri dismissed the move as “suspicious”, saying nothing has changed in the country to warrant that decision. Luke Zunga from the Global Zim Forum agrees. He said there are games being played by the IMF and EU to circumvent their own restrictive measures on the Mugabe regime, ahead of elections.

Save Valley Conservancy Special 01.11.12

Alex Bell speaks to the Vice-Chairman of the Save Valley Conservancy, Wilfried Pabst, about an agreement that has been reached with local chiefs and Conservancy officials. Pabst says the agreement will help empower local communities. He also says attempts to ‘nationalise’ the area have been dashed, after Cabinet and the ZANU PF Politburo recently resolved to withdraw hunting licences and land leases handed out to party cronies.