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Newsreel 05.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 5th November 2012

News Headlines 05.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 5th November 2012

Letter from America 05.11.12

On the eve of US presidential elections, Dr. Stan Mukasa discusses the American electoral system and suggests lessons Zimbabwe can learn from the American experience.

Callback 05.11.12

Mafirakureva says people of Mwenezi District are so terrified that they all want Mugabe to continue ruling till he dies to avoid bloodshed. They have been threatened, beaten and always intimidated by ZANU PF thugs and war vets; while Wonga says authoritarian & power loving Mugabe cannot act alone and call for elections without reforms or consultation with the other principals in the GNU who, also like Mugabe, were not voted into government by the people.

Behind the Headlines 05.11.12

Tererai talks to Seiso Moyo, the MDC-T secretary for elections, and Thabani Nyoni from the Crisis Coalition, about recent comments by Mugabe that the elections would be in March next year, with or without a new constitution. Both Nyoni and Moyo dismissed the March, saying there needs to be a drastic change in the atmosphere on the ground and legislative changes that help create that environment. They both also dismissed Mugabe’s statement that the Principals would have the final word on the draft constitution.