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News Headlines 06.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 6th November 2012

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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tuesday 6th November 2012

Callback 06.11.12

Khumalo says Welshman Ncube should not blame anybody else but himself for Mutambara’s refusal to vacate his position in the GNU, as he brought him from nowhere to lead his party when they split from MDC; Mapendere, who is in hospital recovering from injuries, says he was brutally beaten and left for dead by ZANU PF known thugs in Rushinga last week. He was accused of supporting the MDC but those thugs are still free as police refused to charge them; while Pasi says the South African government, despite its promise not to deport Zimbabweans, has been rounding up people in Johannesburg and forcing them back to Zimbabwe.

Different Points of View 06.11.12

Duane decries the blatant efforts of Rugare Gumbo to shift the blame for the brutalities being committed in Kadoma. He see this as another indicator of the moral turpitude that seems to pervade Mugabe and ZANU PF.

Diaspora Diaries 06.11.12

Alex Bell speaks to the Zimbabwe wing of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) about the human trafficking problem in Zimbabwe. IOM Zimbabwe Acting Chief of Mission Natalia Perez says Zim is considered a hub for trafficking because there is no legislation in place to combat the situation.