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News Headlines 08.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 8th November 2012

Newsreel 08.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Thursday 8th November 2012

Heart of the Matter 08.11.12

Tanonoka Joseph Whande urges the MDC to focus on raising the international alarm about worsening ZANU PF violence and intimidation. He says this is more important than an election campaign that will lead nowhere if the violence is not stopped.

Callback 08.11.12

Bikita West councillor Rukweza says distribution of fertilisers, seeds and food aid, which has been increased of late in the rural areas, is now in the hands of sub-chiefs when it should be local councillors doing it. It’s now used for ZANU PF campaigns as they try to lure people back to their party while Kudakwashe says small scale farmers in Karoi are denied seeds & fertilisers because they don’t attend ZPF meetings and are not ‘active enough’ in the party to deserve it; and Chimhondo says people need to see a way forward, out of the chaos and confusion in the GNU. Everyone should either agree to reforms and call for elections, or they should disband the GNU.

Crisis Analysis 08.11.12

Frances Lovemore, director of the Counselling Services Unit (CSU) in Harare, and Abel Chikomo from the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, talk about the police raid at the CSU offices and the arrest of 3 employees. Lovemore said they provide a non-partisan service to victims of political violence and torture, but on Monday the riot squad surrounded their building. Chikomo said civil society groups felt it necessary to issue a strong, collective statement, condemning the police because their actions have a lasting effect which determines how the general population behaves during elections.