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Newsreel 09.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 09th November 2012

News Headlines 09.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 9th November 2012

Letter From Zimbabwe 09.11.12

on Letter from Zimbabwe author Cathy Buckle writes: “I know that my rights as a Zimbabwean are not protected in the draft new constitution. I also know that it is extremely unlikely that the multiple thousands of born and resident Zimbabweans struck off the voters roll in the last ten years will even be allowed to vote in the referendum on this draft new constitution. Don’t get so upset about it, people say, it’s just another step in the process. But which process: the ZANU PF process, the MDC process or a process for our children and future generations of Zimbabweans, regardless of which political party they choose to support.”

Callback 09.11.12

Callback, Gibson says the US presidential elections should be a model, envied by all African countries soiled by corruption & dictatorship. They demonstrated what is meant by democracy, where political parties differ in opinions but don’t use violence, threats & intimidation against one another; while Rusike says people are still worried and concerned about what is happening with the draft constitution, as no information is given to the people on how far it has gone. He believes ZANU PF will still have its way in the outcome of the final draft as Mugabe said.