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News Headlines 12.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 12th November 2012

Newsreel 12.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 12th November 2012

Callback 12.11.12

Mama says for weeks now hundreds of uniformed soldiers have been chanting ZANU PF slogans, singing revolutionary songs and marching through the streets of Gweru denouncing the opposition; while Zienda says it will be problematic to have a new constitution in Zimbabwe because if it’s adopted the way it is, it means an end to some of ZPF’s control and they won’t allow that to happen; Joseph says war vets in Chivi are travelling in army and air force cars and are campaigning and urging people to vote NO to the new constitution. But the constitution hasn’t even been made public and people don’t know what it contains.

Letter from America 12.11.12

In Letter from America, Dr. Stan Mukasa reviews the presidential elections in the US and offers more insights and lessons for Zimbabweans

Behind the Headlines 12.11.12

Behind the Headlines this week is brought to you by Gerry Jackson. A diamond conference is being held in Victoria Falls that seeks once again to legitimise Zimbabwe’s diamonds. Gerry speaks to Alan Martin from Partnership Africa Canada, who have released a damning report that highlights the violence, abuse, corruption and theft that surrounds Zimbabwe’s diamond industry.