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Newsreel 14.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 14th November 2012

News Headlines 14.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 14th November 2012

Southern Africa Focus 14.11.12

Alex Bell speaks to a leading South African migrant rights group about the ANC government’s refusal to reopen refugee reception offices, in contempt of numerous court orders to do so. Alex also looks at the precedent set by a ruling in Botswana that paves the way for the rights of women to be strengthened across the region.

Hidden Story 14.11.12

Violence has flared up again in the volatile Mutoko district of Mash East province where dozens of MDC-T supporters lost their lives in the 2008 elections. Piniel Denga, the MDC-T chairman for the province, says the coordinated attacks on their members are part of a strategy to intimidate them ahead of next year’s poll.

Callback 14.11.12

Godonga says there is so much talk about elections but nothing about the voters roll, which is in shambles with dead people still registered as voters. Parties like the MDC are not pushing hard for it to be scrapped even though they know ZANU PF will use it to rig elections; while Mfundo says in Matabeleland South so many people are now re-joining the MDC-T, from Welshman Ncube’s MDC, accusing Ncube of being divisive and using money just like ZPF to lure supporters instead of tackling real issues affecting the people.