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Newsreel 16.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 16th November 2012

News Headlines 16.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 16th November 2012

Callback 16.11.12

Zvichapera says the 2008 perpetrators of political violence are back to their old ways in Muzarabani, banning MDC meetings in the area and threatening to kill anyone seen campaigning or attending political meetings other than ZANU PF events; while George says villagers were rounded up for a big gathering in Chipinge, to receive donated presidential food. But this was distributed to ZPF card carrying members only; Fungai says it’s frustrating for the people not to be told how the draft constitution process is going. No information is released to them which makes a mockery of the whole process.

Beyond Protest 16.11.12

On Beyond Protest Charles Mazorodze of the Harare residents Trust talks about the recent lavish spending on vehicles for officials at the city council. He says the Mayor, Muchadeyi Masunda, has been strongly criticised for his attitude towards elected councillors, who he views as being uneducated. The Mayor is accused of siding with senior management instead, even though they have failed to implement policies adopted by the elected councillors.

Letter From Zimbabwe 16.11.12

on Letter from Zimbabwe authorCathy Buckle writes: “It had been a swelteringly hot week and even at six in the morning the thermometer was in the mid 20’s and heading upwards. After just a short walk my arms and face were clammy. Despite the early hour, people were already working on roadside cultivation plots, uprooting the last of the reeds, bullrushes, red hot pokers and sedges that once grew in abundance here.”