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News Headlines 20.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 20th November 2012

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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tuesday 20th November 2012

Callback 20.11.12

Mutsago says finally common sense prevailed when the judge released some MDC activists who have been languishing in prison for over a year, on trumped up charges of murdering a policeman in Glenview, Harare. It clearly proved that they were just persecuting them for supporting the MDC since from the beginning there was no evidence linking them up to the crime; while Ramires says the MDC should do more to raise awareness and speak about violence which is continuing in most rural areas of the country. They should stop acting as if everything is moving on well, when people are suffering.

Different Points of View 20.11.12

Duane reflects on disturbing reports of electoral irregularities in the recent elections in the United States and voices concerns for the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe.

Diaspora Diaries 20.11.12

Alex Bell is joined by Luke Zunga from the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Chamber and Global Zimbabwe Forum. Zunga talks about a new pilot project launched in South Africa, which will lay the foundations for the Diaspora to lead the redevelopment of Zimbabwe.