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Newsreel 23.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 23rd November 2012

News Headlines 23.11.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 23rd November 2012

Callback 23.11.12

Callback, Khumalo says the water problems in Bulawayo are well documented. Before independence there was a plan to draw water from the Zambezi River but after independence the ZANU PF led government has been refusing to get funding for the project; Murombo says he is disappointed with the divisions and infighting going on in the MDC-T in Mash West as the aspiring candidates campaign for primary elections; while Mroyiwa, who was badly beaten by ZPF thugs during the 2008 elections, says he is traumatised & relives the torture whenever he sees the people who violently beat him up still walking around free.

Beyond Protest 23.11.12

Beyond Protest hosted by Tererai Karimakwenda. Penny Yon from the Book Café, and poet Barbra Breeze Anderson, talk about the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, an annual global campaign protesting violence against women. Penny says a fiesta on Saturday will involve music, rappers, poets and painters, putting conscious messages on the huge walls of the Book Café. There will also be relevant discussions, workshops and films protesting violence. Barbra says the issue of violence is especially important right now, given the shocking comments made by men after the recent assault of a popular Zimbabwean actress by her boyfriend.

Letter From Zimbabwe 23.11.12

Letter from Zimbabwe author Cathy Buckle writes: “On the third day WOZA tried again. This time 150 of their members managed to get to the steps of the Mayor’s office at City Hall. There they were met, not by the Mayor but by senior police officers who blocked their progress and the WOZA protesters had to disperse. The Mayor did not emerge to talk to people he was elected to serve. Nothing further was heard about the policeman who publicly said that only people who had spilt blood had a right to talk.”