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Beyond Protest 31.12.12

Tererai hosts a Beyond Protest New Year’s Eve special and to inspire and motivate all those who have toiled in Zimbabwe’s political trenches for the last twelve months, Tererai presents a variety of protest songs that have moved activists worldwide for decades. The list includes Gill Scott-Heron’s famous “The Revolution will not be televised”, Bob Marley’s reggae hit “Get Up Stand Up” and Bob Dylan’s classic “The times they are changing”.

Tshisa Rhythms 31.12.12

Ezra Tshisa’s New Year Music featuring some fine party tunes from across the globe, as the world celebrates the end of the year. There are also messages of hope for the New Year.

SW Radio Africa News Review 2012

SW Radio Africa’s annual News Review of the top stories from the Newsreel bulletins in 2012. Tich, Tererai and Alex bring you all those news stories that made headlines and got Zimbabwe talking.

Diaspora Diaries 30.12.12

Alex Bell hosts a review edition of the show to highlight the South African government’s decision to start closing refugee reception offices across the country. We hear back from Gwada Majange from the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in SA about their campaign to force the government to halt the closures. We also hear from Diana Zimbudzana from the Zim Exiles Forum who warns that the ‘unofficial’ crackdown on immigration in SA is having a dangerous impact on Zimbabweans there.

Callback 30.12.12

Mapombere says the year 2012 has been the greatest disappointment for Zimbabweans. The GNU has been a complete failure, in all respects. The culture of violence continues, the GPA is not implemented and change will remain a dream in 2013; while Charisays everything should have been in place in 2012 to prepare for future democratic elections but, as always, the politicians let the people down. They pursued their own interests at the expense of the nation; and Muviri says discrimination on party lines by ZANU PF, in the distribution of food aid, seeds and fertiliser, summed up the fact that we have one party, ZANU PF, governing the country. The sad thing is that the MDC is helping to authenticate this one-sided GNU.

SW Radio Africa Comedy Awards 2012

Join Tererai and Richard for a hilarious half hour as they share their favourite jokes of the year. There are brilliant clips from Trevor Noah, Rowan Atkinson, Lavell Crawford, Ricky Gervais, and George W. Bush.

Reporters Forum 29.12.12

Alex speaks to SW Radio Africa’s correspondents Lionel Saungweme and Simon Muchemwa about tensions in Zimbabwe ahead of possible elections in 2013.

Callback 29.12.12

Josphat says people had high expectations for the year 2012 and are shocked and disappointed by the failure of politicians to rebuild our country, bring stability, stop violence and fulfill what they promised. The blame should not only go to ZANU PF but also to the MDC, as they are part of the GNU; Sam says the only positives which came out of the formation of the GNU was the availability of food in the shops and the use of the USA dollar; Chamu says he is disappointed that after 4 years of a unity govt nothing has changed for the average person in Zim. When it comes to politics violence, intimidation and threats are still the order of the day.

Behind the Headlines 28.12.12

Political and economic analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga, and activist Zvenyika, analyse the year that was 2012 in Zimbabwean politics. Mhlanga focuses on the political plotting by ZANU PF, which threw spanners in the works over any progress towards democracy. Zvenyika exposes a devious ZPF strategy in Mash West, where youth militia were absorbed into the army, but live back at home with their families, so they can monitor opposition activities and “deal with” perceived enemies.

Beyond Protest 28.12.12

This special holiday edition of Beyond Protest Review is a buffet of Tererai’s favourite interviews and spoken word performances from 2012. includes the energetic actress and gender activist Rutendo Tapiwa, who encourages young girls to respect themselves and reject abusive relationships; Liberty Bhebhe from the National Youth Development Trust talks about their peace building and leadership programmes, which use strategies like “Guerilla Theatre”, where actors start a dialogue in public, crowds gather and suddenly there is a message being delivered. There is also a sample of music encouraging youths to vote. Dive in!!!

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