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Newsreel 03.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 3rd December 2012

News Headlines 03.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 3rd December 2012

Callback 03.12.12

Kenneth says former Archbishop Kunonga of the Anglican Church has lost all his court appeals, been forced to surrender looted church property and is now in serious debt. This is a good example of how ZANU PF use you for their own benefit and then dump you; Aaron says there are no signs of xenophobia following the brutal beating and killing of a Zimbabwean in Joburg who was accused of robbery and theft. It’s the norm in South African vigilante communities to avenge any crime by taking the law into their own hands and beating up suspected criminals.

Letter from America 03.12.12

In Letter from America Dr. Stan Mukasa analyses presentations at the recently concluded conference of the African Studies Association, on Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF.

Behind the Headlines 03.12.12

Mugabe threatened British American Tobacco with unspecified action last week, because of what he claimed was their ‘sabotage’ of trucks belonging to other tobacco companies, in order to maintain dominance. Police told the state run Herald investigations were underway and at an advanced stage, despite the fact that BAT have categorically denied the allegations. Tererai talks to Charles Taffs, president of the Commercial Farmers Union, and political analyst Professor John Makumbe, about the effect of these threats on investors.