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News Headlines 07.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 7th December 2012

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Beyond Protest 07.12.12

The Zim rockers Mann Friday have released their fifth studio album, titled “Trainrides and Radio Play, which launches globally this weekend on iTunes. Band leader Rob Burrell says as a Christmas treat for their fans back in Zim the entire album will be downloadable for free, from, if you are browsing from a Zimbabwean IP Address. So if you are in Zim, Rob says Merry Xmas. For others around the world who can’t hear the songs for free, Tererai plays “Sunrise everyday.”

Letter From Zimbabwe 07.12.12

Cathy Buckle writes: “By the light of solar lanterns we followed the news that the main political parties are about to hold primary elections. Everyone’s jostling for positions and existing leaders are spouting the usual platitudes: no vote buying and no candidate imposition. But existing and aspiring candidates aren’t listening. Photos of yet more bags of politicized seed maize appeared in the press; some with round stickers advertising Zanu PF on them others with photographs of Zanu PF candidates blatantly displayed in large images on the front of seed maize bags.”

Callback 07.12.12

Remius says Mugabe will come out of the much hyped ZANU PF conference singing the same old song, that elections will be held in March and ranting about imperialists. He is in fact inciting his thugs to perpetrate more violence so this conference serves no purpose; while Ndlangamandla says the ZPF congress could be the last one for the frail Mugabe and his ZPF. They are now desperately planning and making strategies on how to rig elections and cling on to power.