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Reporters Forum 08.12.12

Alex Bell is joined by SW Radio Africa’s Correspondent in Bulawayo, Lionel Saungweme, to talk about the state of ZANU PF as it starts its annual congress. Saungweme says there is widespread public anger about the cost of the congress, among other things.

Callback 08.12.12

Tafi says the army is wearing full uniform and carrying weapons while patrolling Mudzi, telling villagers if they dare support and vote MDC in the next elections a war will start and they will kill all of them. There is now much fear in the area; Chasara says ZANU PF has shot itself in the foot by refusing to give presidential seeds and fertilisers to all the deserving villagers. This has made people more resilient and eager to fight for change; while Chaduka says the MDC is now promoting its economic blue print to counter ZPF’s damaging indigenisation laws which are destroying viable companies and businesses.

News Roundup 08.12.12

News Roundup 08.12.12

Election Watch 08.12.12

Tich Sibanda speaks to Godfrey Chimombe, the MDC-T provincial chairman for Mashonaland Central who says increased incidents of politically motivated intimidation and beatings by ZANU PF are a clear sign of what will happen when political campaigns are in full swing before the next elections.