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Newsreel 10.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 10th December 2012

News Headlines 10.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 10th December 2012

Letter from America 10.12.12

In Letter from America Dr. Stan Mukasa reviews Mugabe and ZANU PF’s strengths and weaknesses, as Zimbabwe heads to elections next year.

Behind the Headlines 10.12.12

Alex Bell stands in for Tererai and looks ahead to the changing chairmanship role of the diamond watchdog, the Kimberley Process. Tiseke Kasambala, the Africa Advocacy Director of Human Rights Watch, says South Africa’s role of KP Chair in 2013 will be ‘challenging’ because of the KP’s loss of credibility over Zimbabwe. Alan Martin from Partnership Africa Canada agrees, but says it will make no impact in Zimbabwe, because “the KP has shown there is no political will to do anything there.”

Callback 10.12.12

Siza says the ZANU PF conference has ended in Gweru but nothing new came out of it and it was the same old rhetoric from Mugabe and his ZPF. What is surprising is that Mugabe is always condemning violence and corruption at such gatherings but he never does anything to stop it; while Petros says the MDC activist who was found dead in Chitungwiza was threatened with death a few days before by ZPF thugs. He had an injury at the back of his head and it’s obvious he was killed, though police are silent about the incident.