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Newsreel 11.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tuesday 11th December 2012

News Headlines 11.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 11th December 2012

Diaspora Diaries 11.12.12

Alex Bell is joined by Diana Zimbudzana from the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, to talk about the threats facing Zim nationals crossing into South Africa, both legally and illegally. She warns that there is a significant crackdown by the SA authorities on immigration, but no control of the criminal activity at the border.

Different Points of View 11.12.12

Duane reacts strongly to efforts by Mugabe and ZANU PF to muzzle voices of dissent which beam into Zimbabwe from places beyond. He has words of encouragement for those who serve Zimbabwe through great sacrifice, conveying the unvarnished truth about a nation still struggling to be fully free.

Callback 11.12.12

Wilbert says Mugabe and his GNU have failed to implement reforms. What makes people think that a new constitution will make ZANU PF agree to reforms, stop the violence and relinquish power. People should realise the problems are not with the constitution but it’s the whole system which is rotten and needs changing; while Charlie says the MDC is not doing enough to make the international community and SADC intervene about the problems in the GNU. If we go for any elections with the current scenario nothing will change.