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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 12th December 2012

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Hidden Story 12.12.12

MDC-T spokesman and COPAC co-chair, Douglas Mwonzora, says only two stages are left in the constitution making process and he is hopeful elections in the country will be held between June and August next year.

Callback 12.12.12

Moyo says former Archbishop Kunonga has been abusing the law and should have been arrested for contempt of court for refusing to let go of the Anglican Church property. He also threatened to shoot journalists who tried to interview him, but he is still a free man; while Nikisi says the on-going brutality by the police and army is a clear sign that the partisan law enforcers will not stop their behaviour, even if there is a new constitution. There is no way we can have free and fair elections as they will continue to violate the law and human rights to protect their ZANU PF party and prevent any other party from taking over the running of the country.

Southern Africa Focus 12.12.12

Alex Bell presents a special report from the Institute for Security Studies, with senior researcher Gareth Newham. Newham gives his predictions on the outcome of the upcoming ANC conference in South Africa. Alex also looks at ongoing efforts to pressure the SA government to reopen refugee reception offices across the country.