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News Headlines 14.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 14th December 2012

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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 14th December 2012

Beyond Protest 14.12.12

On Monday police in Gweru banned performances of the play The Coup, saying it was “political”. But Lesley Zibonele Moyo from Rooftop Promotions tells Tererai the officers had not even seen the script or a video recording of the play. Moyo says police in Bindura also banned their performances. It is the duty of the Censorship Board to license their work and police are abusing their powers to block public discussions which take place after each performance. Tererai also speaks to feisty Harare businesswoman Nanette Bekker-Smith, who wrote to the City Council several times about the potholes on Spurn Road in Ardbennie, which are damaging her company’s trucks. The Council did nothing, so Nanette is now organising other businesses to withhold their rates and use the money to fix the road themselves.

Letter From Zimbabwe 14.12.12

Cathy Buckle writes: “Christmas in Zimbabwe means reunion. It’s the time of year when everyone’s on the move. Transport is a nightmare, lifts are like gold and everyone is weighed down with bus bags and bulging luggage. The roads are chaotic, buses and kombis overloaded and impromptu police road blocks appear every ten to fifteen kilometres. The queues outside the passport offices and the borders grow longer while the bribes get bigger to match people’s desperation.”

Callback 14.12.12

Revai says ZANU PF is running a programme targeting resettlement areas and other rural areas of Masvingo. People are counted and given stickers with codes to be put on all ZPF people’s doors, in preparation for election campaigns. Many people are now scared and have already left their homes; while Mudzengi says in Zvimba North there is so much violent infighting within ZPF. Chombo is sending thugs to beat up his rival supporters who want Matibili, a relative of Mugabe, to be their ZPF candidate in the next election.