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Callback 15.12.12

Joseph says the whole nation is in the dark about what is happening in the GNU, and the new constitution. The only information is the misleading propaganda disseminated by the state media. It’s high time Zimbabweans stopped being docile and demanded their right as citizens; while Mazvi says Mugabe, ZANU PF and the state media say violence has decreased, when in actual fact it has gotten worse. The media in Zimbabwe no longer report violence and the world doesn’t know how bad the situation is.

Reporters Forum 15.12.12

Alex Bell is joined by SW Radio Africa’s Correspondents, in Bulawayo, Lionel Saungweme and in Harare, Simon Muchemwa. They discuss the ZANU PF resolutions passed at the party’s annual congress last weekend, as well as worsening intimidation of non-ZANU PF members across the country.

Election Watch 15.12.12

Leading pro-democracy activist and lawyer Dewa Mavhinga says the inclusive government is completely deadlocked over the constitutional process and they should bring in SADC to resolve this.

News Roundup 15.12.12

News Roundup 15.12.12