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Newsreel 18.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tuesday 18th December 2012

Different Points of View 18.12.12

Duane talks about, and expands on, Morgan Tsvangirai’s recent statement “Be ready to govern!”

News Headlines 18.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 18th December 2012

Callback 18.12.12

Wata says the people of Shamva are now so united they have agreed to fight back if they are attacked by ZANU PF thugs. They’ve made their intentions known to the police and that has helped to bring a bit of peace to the area; Toddie says retired army bosses are now campaigning in Chivi for ZPF party primaries, spending so much money on vote buying. This is the money from diamonds they stole in Marange; while Chakanyuka says the future looks bleak for the people of Zim because the situation will get worse as ZPF won’t relinquish power. The evil party is here to stay, which is really worrying.

Diaspora Diaries 18.12.12

On this special edition of the show Alex Bell speaks to Mashonaland West farmer Piet Zwanikken (a Dutch national), who was shot in the face on his property on Monday night, in an ongoing CIO-led campaign to force him off his land. Zvanikken, who is still being treated in hospital, tells Alex he is “lucky to be alive” after an “assassination attempt”. John Worsley-Worswick from Justice for Agriculture says violence against the farming community is once again on the rise ahead of elections.