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News Headlines 20.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 20th December 2012

Newsreel 20.12.12

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Thursday 20th December 2012

Heart of the Matter 20.12.12

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says Zimbabweans expect more from their politicians in government, including Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. He says no politicians “meet the grade,” because they are wearing “jackets of selfishness, corruption, violence, intolerance and many ills they have introduced into our nation.”

Crisis Analysis 20.12.12

Tererai talks to Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross (MDC-T director for policy research) about the current deadlock in the constitutional reform process. Cross dismisses a report published Thursday in the state run Herald suggesting there are 30 contentious issues that ZANU PF wants to be changed in the new charter and that Mugabe will call for elections under the current constitution if the reform exercise is not completed by Christmas. Cross said the MDC-T is not prepared under any circumstances to accept further changes to the draft constitution and that SADC was getting tired of the delays.

Callback 20.12.12

Munangatire says a lot of people in Masvingo feel betrayed by the MDC. The party knows that its supporters are denied food aid and seed by ZANU PF but they are silent about it and they don’t even give security and protection to their members; while Rudo says women and children are not recognised by the government, their needs are not met and they feel like second class citizens. They feel the system was created to suppress them and that it corruptly promotes the male gender only.