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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 21st December 2012

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Beyond Protest 21.12.12

Music producer and youth activist Kuda Musasiwa, who returned to Zim two years ago, gives us an update on how young people are surviving with the unemployment rate at more than 90%. Kuda said people are being creative, with some selling mobile phone top-up cards on the streets and others using their computer skills to do animation and music video production. He says there is a boom in the use of social media platforms, helping to spread information between young people from different parts of the country. Kuda’s song, “Ndadzoka” ends the programme.

Callback 21.12.12

Ronald says there is nothing the MDC and ZANU PF parliamentarians have done to bring good governance to Zimbabwe. They all occupy their positions for financial gain, while the people continue to suffer with nothing; Takewell says there was never a people driven constitution in the COPAC programme. The differences happening now are proof the document was written by politicians and all parties are now fighting to get their way. It’s not healthy for the country.