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Callback 22.12.12

Pindai says it appears the current scenario where ZANU PF controls everything, looks like it will continue next year. Elections won’t bring any change and ZPF is here to stay because the MDC resuscitated it when they agreed to join the GNU; Zienda says there are good rains in Mash West but villagers are denied presidential agricultural inputs by ZPF to start farming; while Chesango says there are serious problems in Zimbabwe and it will take time to eradicate them because ZPF planted seeds of evil, violence and corruption.

Reporters Forum 22.12.12

Join Alex Bell and SW Radio Africa’s correspondents Lionel Saungweme and Simon Muchemwa. The team discusses some of the top news stories of 2012 and both correspondents talk about the stories that have most affected them this year.

Election Watch 22.12.12

Our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa says it’s becoming increasingly clear that parties drafting the new constitution have developed a lethargic approach to the exercise. This is clearly evident by their lack of enthusiasm in attending meetings and dealing with the COPAC deadlock.

News Roundup 22.12.12

News Roundup 22.12.12