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Behind the Headlines 24.12.12

Tererai is joined by journalist Thabo Kunene and political analyst Clifford Mashiri, to review the year that was 2012 and the devious plots that lurked behind some key headlines, including the Nolbert Kunonga saga, the Glen View murder trial, the PM’s love life and those all consuming “sanctions” that ZANU PF cried about all year long!!!

Callback 24.12.12

Rusike says he’s relaxing at home with his family enjoying Xmas but uncertain of the future and concerned about what he will do to help fend for his family as he is unemployed; Mgidiza says he can’t do anything at Xmas and he is stuck in Harare. He doesn’t have the money to travel to his rural home to celebrate with his family and friends; Mudzengi says he is celebrating Xmas because traditionally it needs to be celebrated, but he can’t spend the little money he has as he needs to pay for his children’s school fees

Letter from America 24.12.12

Dr. Stan Mukasa presents another Letter from America and reviews the role of the Christian church in oppressive countries like Zimbabwe.