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Civil Society Xmas Messages 25.12.12

Tererai hosts the annual Christmas Messages from Civil Society and talks to Civil Society activists in Zimbabwe about the challenges they faced in 2012 and what they hope to achieve in the coming year. The guests include Phillip Pasirayi from the Centre for Community Development, Blessing Vava from the National Constitutional Assembly and Machinda Marongwe from the National Association of Non-governmental Organisations, NANGO.

Religious Leaders Special 25.12.12

Alex Bell presents a Christmas special and speaks to religious leaders about the challenges that Zimbabweans, as well as the Church, have faced over the last year. Reverend Useni Sibanda talks about the role of Church leaders in helping Zimbabwe’s transition to democracy. Anglican Bishop Chad Gandiya talks about the struggle to have the properties stolen by Nolbert Kunonga returned to the Church, while Father Oscar Wermter prays for peace and tolerance over the festive season and for the New Year.

Through the Valley 25.12.12

Richard looks at the powerful symbolism of Christmas. The Mass of Christ connects all Christians across the globe and across the centuries. In the birth of Christ believers see a particular hope for a new and better world. In Zimbabwe this is more than just a celebration as it also represents a desire for political change.

Different Points of View 25.12.12

Duane expresses some concerns about the way cherished values can be crowded out and the central focus of Christmas can be obscured. He also shares three of his Christmas poems.