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Hidden Story 26.12.12

Former MDC-T intellegence chief, Solomon Chikohwero, says threats by senior military officers that they will stage a coup if Prime Minister Tsvangirai wins the next poll are just empty threats. Chikohwero says he still has friends in the armed forces and there are a lot of disgruntled junior and middle ranking soldiers, who will resist such attempts.

Southern Africa Focus 26.12.12

Alex Bell looks at key developments in 2012 that are shaping the future of the rule of law in Southern Africa, including the ongoing suspension of the SADC Tribunal and the worrying erosion of the rule of law in South Africa. Alex also looks at how pressure is building across the region for customary laws to change, to reflect equal rights for women.

Callback 26.12.12

Pasipanodya says Xmas was just another day because he couldn’t afford to buy his family food and presents and he is amongst the majority of people living a life of hell at the hands of ZANU PF; Nixie says he couldn’t go to his rural home to celebrate Xmas with his family as the bus fares were raised, so he didn’t have money to travel and had to sit at home all day; Mazenge says Xmas day in Zhombe resembled a funeral as villagers are still recovering from brutal beatings by soldiers for not supporting ZPF and they are living in fear; while Moyo says he can’t wait for 2013 and is confident a new Zimbabwe will be born and ZPF will be history.