Archive for December 27th, 2012

Heart of the Matter 27.12.12

Tanonoka Joseph Whande looks back at the year and says Zimbabwe needs a fresh start. He praises Zimbabwe for their resilience in the face of ongoing disappointment from politicians, and urges the MDC to ‘restrategise’ for 2013.

Election Watch 27.12.12

Human rights lawyer and pro-democracy activist Dewa Mavhinga is adamant that not enough electoral reforms have been made in Zimbabwe to ensure that the next poll, will be free and fair.

Crisis Analysis 27.12.12

Join Tererai, journalist Angus Shaw and political commentator Wilbert Mukori for a post-mortem of 2012. Shaw says people are getting impatient with the government over delays with the referendum and elections. They are beginning to question whether SADC can enforce an agreement between the political parties. Mukori says the GNU has failed to address lawlessness and the corruption that has gripped the country, and the MDC-T have joined the gravy train and done nothing to reform the system.

Callback 27.12.12

Panze says 2012 has been a year to forget. Life was unbearable for the majority with prices of basic commodities going up, unemployment increasing and so much political fighting in the GNU; Aaron says this past year will be remembered as the year ZANU PF’s greedy thieves finally destroyed the Zimbabwe economy by grabbing viable companies and giving them to their friends and relatives in the name of black empowerment; Peter says nothing will change in 2013 and politicians will continue lying to the people, like they did by saying the country will have a new constitution by end of 2012.