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Behind the Headlines 28.12.12

Political and economic analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga, and activist Zvenyika, analyse the year that was 2012 in Zimbabwean politics. Mhlanga focuses on the political plotting by ZANU PF, which threw spanners in the works over any progress towards democracy. Zvenyika exposes a devious ZPF strategy in Mash West, where youth militia were absorbed into the army, but live back at home with their families, so they can monitor opposition activities and “deal with” perceived enemies.

Beyond Protest 28.12.12

This special holiday edition of Beyond Protest Review is a buffet of Tererai’s favourite interviews and spoken word performances from 2012. includes the energetic actress and gender activist Rutendo Tapiwa, who encourages young girls to respect themselves and reject abusive relationships; Liberty Bhebhe from the National Youth Development Trust talks about their peace building and leadership programmes, which use strategies like “Guerilla Theatre”, where actors start a dialogue in public, crowds gather and suddenly there is a message being delivered. There is also a sample of music encouraging youths to vote. Dive in!!!

Callback 28.12.12

Sibanda says nothing changed in 2012 as far as the political and economic situation is concerned. The MDC failed to enforce the GPA and push ZANU PF to implement reforms as agreed, and it’s not looking good for 2013; Rusike says it will be a disaster for the MDC and other political parties to go for elections without reforms. The level of violence is increasing every day and ZPF will always want to hang on to power for dear life; while Mfundo says holding elections won’t change anything as long as the playing field is not level and reforms are not implemented. People should not even bother to go and vote as ZPF will still rig elections and remain in power.