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Reporters Forum 29.12.12

Alex speaks to SW Radio Africa’s correspondents Lionel Saungweme and Simon Muchemwa about tensions in Zimbabwe ahead of possible elections in 2013.

Callback 29.12.12

Josphat says people had high expectations for the year 2012 and are shocked and disappointed by the failure of politicians to rebuild our country, bring stability, stop violence and fulfill what they promised. The blame should not only go to ZANU PF but also to the MDC, as they are part of the GNU; Sam says the only positives which came out of the formation of the GNU was the availability of food in the shops and the use of the USA dollar; Chamu says he is disappointed that after 4 years of a unity govt nothing has changed for the average person in Zim. When it comes to politics violence, intimidation and threats are still the order of the day.