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Newsreel 02.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 2nd January 2013

News Headlines 02.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Hidden Story 02.01.13

The Zim football association is broke, which could force the national team to forego their 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign. But freelance sports journalist Thandazani Zimbwa says this would be catastrophic and every effort should be made to raise money from government and the corporate world.

Southern Africa Focus 02.01.13

With Zimbabwe’s lands Minister pledging to stop the illegal seizure of internationally protected farms, Alex Bell questions what this means for property rights and the rule of law in Zim and the rest of the region. Alex is joined by John Worsley-Worswick from Justice for Agriculture.

Callback 02.01.13

Chakuma says it looks like there will be poor rainfall this season. Villagers and farmers are facing serious starvation and people are concerned that many people and livestock will die as the ZANU PF government has refused to help; Miriam says Bishop Kunonga is an example that blind loyalty leads to disaster. He was used by ZPF to do evil and now it’s time for pay back and he is left alone in the cold; while Blessing says Kunonga should follow the Bible’s teachings not politics. He has been hiring thugs to hold on to power and refusing to abide by the law of the land after he lost his appeal in both the Supreme and High courts.