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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 3rd January 2013

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Crisis Analysis 03.01.13

The MDC-T’s deputy Minister of Justice, Senator Obert Gutu, says Zimbabweans should start preparing for the worst case scenario, in which the elections in 2013 might be held under the old Lancaster House constitution. This follows a stalemate in the constitution making process which the minister doubts will be resolved, as parties in the GPA remain poles apart.

Callback 03.01.13

Imbanyika says Zim school leavers have no future at all and nothing is done by the current government to help the youth. It’s creating a lot of criminals and people are dying as they try to cross the border into neighbouring countries and women are being raped; while Khumalo says so many political parties are now mushrooming in preparation for elections and the situation will remain volatile and chaotic as always.