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News Headlines 04.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 4th January 2013

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Beyond Protest 04.01.13

Youth activists Sydney Chisi and Vincent Tafirenyika discuss the crucial role that Zim youth will play in the next election. Chisi warned that many are getting involved in political activities because they are being offered “a quick buck”, but they are not part of the national debate on real issues which affect their daily lives. Tafirenyika said an election is an event that comes and goes, so we should look beyond the election and ask whether we will be empowered enough to hold leaders accountable for what they promised.

Callback 04.01.13

Alfred says it’s now raining and most villagers are hopeful they will be able to produce some food and avoid starvation but violence and intimidation will continue as political parties start their campaigns for elections; while Dube says the people should stand up and be counted if they want a better future. That can be done by being united and demanding their right to good governance